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Check out the variety of Digital Marketing, SEO & Web Design Testimonials! After 36 years of helping clients from every possible business vertical imaginable, whether eCommerce or a startup, Better Business Web is now open for business! Join us in our celebration. 

The reviews on this website are from our clients. We worked with them in numerous capacities whether on the launch of a new website, web development, and design projects, implementing an SEO strategy, launching a PPC campaign, posting social media, and much more!

We love receiving testimonials at the end of a project. It gives people an opportunity to share their experiences for the benefit of others. We get so much business simply by making sure the client is very happy and will certainly do business with us again as well as recommend us!

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MATEJA PETJE, MS, LMFT, CCH Local Guide • Review “My name is Mateja Petje. I am the CEO of Holistic Coaching International. I’m writing this review on behalf of Steve Levinson. He’s been handling my marketing now for the last 6 years at least. The main thing he manages is my WordPress website. I’m utilizing Elementor. In addition, he also handles a large part of my social media as well as my sales funnels too. His insight, experience, and dedication to the success of my business over the years have been nothing short of remarkable. For example, I went from a brick-n-mortar startup business to an established virtual company the last few years during the pandemic with his help. We all need help from time to time. I would highly recommend Steve as the go-to guy when it comes to all things internet. His experience and knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have really helped establish my business. I find his help invaluable which was vital especially during the Covid 19 Pandemic.”

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We’ve begun to assemble our Better Business Web references and website endorsement letters from people and businesses. These are a powerful testament to the work we do!

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