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Better Business Web Testimonials Reference Letters and endorsements fill this page! This is super exciting. We love our clients! Thank you for being there for us just as we are there for you. It’s been an amazing opportunity to serve people. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help. The best part in all of this IS helping people. We are the “small business online help desk”. How can we help you today?

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Better Business Web is amazing. They have taken our old outdated website and made it look new and current. Steve kept us updated on the changes that he was making along the way. Answering our numerous questions, he made us comfortable going to a new format. I would recommend them to anyone who needs help. This was great!

My old website had issues and I needed to upgrade. Not only did Steve launch a beautiful new highly-functional website but he also took time to optimize the content with Search Engine Optimization (not that I fully understand what it is!). Our store in Houston is already well known. When you add the SEO techniques to the equation implemented by Steve this investment will pay for itself many times over.

This was a great experience from beginning to end. Thank you, Steve!

Deborah Demrest

I hired Steve to help do SEO optimization for my website. Steve was great to work with! He was patient, and thorough, and gave me lots of suggestions for tweaking my website to make it more visible on Google. Steve was willing and able to work within my modest budget to make and suggest truly meaningful changes. I highly recommend him!

Gail Jacobson

The best!! He redid our outdated website and gave us excellent advice about where to spend our limited budget. He never runs out of patience explaining to me all of the intricacies of understanding how to get business on the internet. Great social media help. Very responsive to questions and gave good suggestions!

Sue Levine

I found Steve while searching for something else on Alignable. I sent him an email and he immediately started listing all the things he could do to help my website stand out and my business be found all over the place. I trusted my instincts and am very glad I did. Steve did an awesome job and is available any time I need his advice. Steve is very easy to work with and will be an asset to your business.

Patricia Menzies

Steve from Better Business Web Marketing has been great thus far. He has been very informative regarding how I can improve my website with SEO and how I can manage my Google ads account. Thank you for helping me improve my business website for junk removal services in Virginia!

Eddy Claros

Steve Levinson is professional, knowledgeable, and courteous. He communicates efficiently and when necessary. He completes the tasks discussed and agreed upon in a timely matter. He is a pleasure to work with and explains/shows what he’s doing so you can understand. I highly recommend his services. You won’t be disappointed.

Maureen McCord

I do not know where to begin. If I didn’t find Steve Levinson and Better Business Web I would probably just shut down my website. There are so many complicated things to pay attention to and Steve has steered me right every step of the way. I am so very grateful to have found him. He is timely and efficient and he really looks out for my best interest with his suggestions. So thankful to you Steve.

Liz Newman

Steve is truly a blessing! His great sense of humor helped me understand my brand in a different light. During one of our meetings, he understood that I had to parent during our meeting. I learned a wealth of knowledge from Steve about my website. Steve, thank you from the bottom of my heart for dedicating time to help me build my brand by looking outside of the box. I highly recommend Steve for his charismatic services!

Nahomie V. Johnson

Amazed by Steve’s knowledge of all aspects of SEO and related content. Attention to detail is unparalleled and he works to suit my schedule, which is late into the evening.
Highly recommend Steve

Brenda Pye

Our website has been up for a while with little to no action. After working with Steve for a couple of months, I now know why! He has worked diligently on the back end of the site to provide desperately needed SEO. He is a tireless warrior in the battle to improve our site’s results. Steve is incredibly responsive to any questions I have — and I’ve had many. He is a pleasure to work with on complex and difficult tasks.

Melvin Foster

Steve is a the top of his game, in’s and out’s yup, with great advice yup, part of his persona absolutely, very easy to work with, result oriented, two thumbs up!” WebMaster!!! Mahalo Steve

Alika Spencer

Steve is not only knowledgeable about all SEO tactics to win the SEO War but he’s pleasantly easy to understand. He explains everything in detail so that even someone who doesn’t know very much can understand what’s going on, which is a refreshing change from most SEO firms. Definitely a plus for my Website.

Lance Sherman

I have seen very quickly that Steve is supportive of everyone. Amazing! I’m thankful for the tips he has given to me and see that he is giving his tips and promoting others as well. A true team player. We all need folks that are out there working in service to others. Way to go Steve.
Dawn Pollock

Steve Levinson was helpful and knowledgeable and was a pleasure to work with him. I recommend his services to others.

DarjaZ Zlindra

Steve gave me a lot of information about SEO. I now realize that I can not run a business without good content. Without the content on every web page and blog, the SEO would have nothing to work with. Thank you for your help.

Utisa Farrell

Steve from the Better Business Web has provided great SEO, Web design, and Google PPC services. Steve has been in touch with me every day with updates, concerns, and inquiries about how to best utilize my company’s business website. He helped me in setting up my Google ads campaign and optimize my Google business and website. He offers excellent value at an affordable price. I am happy with the great customer service and the speedy communication from his end, even though he is in Florida and I am in Virginia. I can’t thank him enough for helping my business thrive.

Eddy Claros

Steve did a great job putting together my website and showing me some of the tools to help me add or change my website. It took about 4 weeks to get it all done with changes and reviews, all during the holidays and the surgery I had, so the timing was great! I highly recommend Steve for his incredible spirit, fabulous insights, positive person, hard work, and professionalism.

Kim Larson

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SEO & Web Design Testimonials

Check out the variety of Digital Marketing, SEO & Web Design Testimonials! After 36 years of helping clients from every possible business vertical imaginable, whether eCommerce or a startup, Better Business Web is now open for business! Join us in our celebration. 

The reviews on this website are from our clients. We worked with them in numerous capacities whether on the launch of a new website, web development, and design projects, implementing an SEO strategy, launching a PPC campaign, posting social media, and much more!

We love receiving testimonials at the end of a project. It gives people an opportunity to share their experiences for the benefit of others. We get so much business simply by making sure the client is very happy and will certainly do business with us again as well as recommend us!

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MATEJA PETJE, MS, LMFT, CCH Local Guide • Review
“My name is Mateja Petje. I am the CEO of Holistic Coaching International. I’m writing this review on behalf of Steve Levinson. He’s been handling my marketing now for the last 6 years at least. The main thing he manages is my WordPress website. I’m utilizing Elementor. In addition, he also handles a large part of my social media as well as my sales funnels too.

His insight, experience, and dedication to the success of my business over the years have been nothing short of remarkable. For example, I went from a brick-and-mortar startup business to an established virtual company in the last few years during the pandemic with his help.

We all need help from time to time. I would highly recommend Steve as the go-to guy when it comes to all things Internet. His experience and knowledge in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) have really helped establish my business. I find his help invaluable which was vital, especially during the Covid 19 Pandemic.”

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