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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing what is it and how can it help me? Small businesses can utilize Social Media Marketing Strategies which be easily implemented to help with sales conversions. Whether we’re talking about Google Business Profile, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, or other social sites. This can be accomplished across numerous platforms or specific social sites you select.

The benefits of social media marketing are huge when using social media channels to sell or promote a brand, product, or service. The good news is there are so many social media marketing tools not only to deploy your strategy but to monitor the most important KPIs such as site visitors and conversions. 
Social media has become the most influential method of engaging people.

Creating Social Media Profiles

In many ways, you can use social media for free to deploy, engage and convert visitors into new clients rather easily. Better Business Web can do all the heavy lifting for you too. Not everyone has the time and creativity to post with any frequency on social media. This stuffs hard! However, for many people using social media day in and day out, this is not all that difficult but rather a chance to be very creative and even engage in different strategies.

For example, by utilizing a Social Media Selling Strategy you can significantly increase bottom-line sales in numerous ways across your brand. Did you know 84% of Americans use at least one social media network? This is one reason social media is seen as a cost-effective alternative.

The key is to provide value and post interesting and engaging content. Remember, many are using social media as a primary source of information. Let’s make sure people know and are reminded why they benefit when they collaborate with your business.

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling or what service you provide this is a chance to grow your business fast!

Social Media Content Marketing Strategies YouTube profiles

Better Business Web & Social Media

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Hire Better Business Web to deploy your social media strategy for you. We can tailor a specific plan for your business or go with a marketing strategy you have in mind. Remember, not all platforms work for every business. Consider which channels are right for your audience. Knowing how to navigate the marketing, and social media landscape is more important than ever. Every marketing dollar within your budget must be used wisely.

Thankfully, much of social media marketing can be mobilized to work in unison to help get the message out. This can be with some or all the sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Pinterest just to name a few. Learn how to effectively drive social media engagement and watch conversions and sales soar!

Viral Social Media Campaign

Have you ever had a viral social media marketing campaign? Exciting things can happen when you engage the public on social media properly with great products and great offers. With the right strategy, you could easily grow your business very quickly with little to no budget relatively speaking. Never before has this opportunity existed for a small local business to tap into the power of Social Media and grow their business quickly. This is an exciting prospect.

Ready to get started? Stop wasting your money blindly running ads. Contact Better Business Web and give us an opportunity to tailor a Social Media Marketing Strategy for your business. Let’s stop keeping your business a big secret and begin to engage people that would love to visit your website and buy from you.

Why does your business want to be on social media? For many reasons such as increasing brand awareness, driving traffic to your website, and best of all generating new leads. Simply click to get started. Let’s deploy Social Media Marketing Campaigns for more sales conversions. Hire Better Business Web to create your business’s Social Media Profiles and deploy your social media sales strategy today.

Top 10 Social Media Platforms 

1 Facebook 2.9 billion $85.96 billion

YouTube 2.2 billion $28.8 billion
WhatsApp 2 billion $5.5 billion 2009
Instagram 2 billion $24 billion
TikTok 1 billion $11 billion 
Snapchat 538 million $1.06 billion
Pinterest 444 million $575 million
Reddit 430 million $289.9 million
LinkedIn 250 million $12. 4 billion
10 Twitter 217 million $5.42 billion

*MAU/Number of monthly active users worldwide
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