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Profile Listings Management Service

Profile Listings Management Service is now available for Small Businesses. Searching for an online tool to fix all your internet profile listings in a single dashboard interface? Better Business Web has it! This tool enables us to view all your company business profiles and how they are listed across the internet in about 80 major places. For example, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Chamber of Commerce,, Yelp, CitySearch, etc. You can see a larger sampling of which specific profiles are in the list below.

Fixing all of these profile listings simultaneously where you not only appear in the 1st place but also ensure all the info about your business is correct is awesome for SEO. This is a service Better Business Web provides. Imagine having to add your business name and details to 80 different profiles and all the work involved in logging into a different new dashboard 80 times and adding your info over and over.

This tool handles Profile Management in one shot. It has many capabilities however this service enables you to save time by logging in to one single dashboard and being able to change all (or most) of your profiles all at once.

Investing in Profile Listings Management Service

We charge a one-time fee of $299. to complete our Profile Listings Management Service. Once we implement the service on behalf of your business the results begin immediately. Overall, it takes about 1 week to update your info in these profiles across the entire web within this tool’s dashboard.

We handle the entire process. We’ll need to ask you questions to get the most up-to-date and accurate information about your company. We can view the results together when we’re done. When it comes to SEO and the accuracy of the details of your company across the web this tool is invaluable.

Investing in Profile Listings Management Service

Business Listing Management

Our Profile Listings Management Service can be utilized on an ongoing basis month in and month out. After the initial $299.00 investment all your profiles will be up to date. However, to achieve the maximum benefits from this service, the ideal situation is to continually monitor all your profiles across the entire web.

This is largely maintenance as most of the heavy lifting has been done. For $199.99 monthly, we’ll continue to monitor opportunities such as in customer reviews, and additional places to improve your SEO.

Business Listing Management is a very powerful tool in your SEO and marketing arsenal. Call today at 561 810 1962 to learn more or just click the button to begin.

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