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As you scroll down this Better Business Web Marketing Services page you can identify many of the eCommerce website development services and other things we can help you with. However, we simply can’t list all the many services we provide within these pages! Contact us if you don’t see what you need and you need a friendly voice to help you navigate the marketing landscape. 

Learn about Better Business Web and how we got started offering SEO & Digital Marketing Services.

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Launch a fully responsive, user-friendly beautiful, and highly functional website. This custom-created site will look and work perfectly on mobile phones or any device such as a tablet or desktop. You’ll appreciate working with our Website Development Services.


An open-source content management system that provides you with a palette to create something wonderful! Second, because WordPress is open-source it means the possibilities are endless with respect to adding plugins, widgets, and more to expand your website capabilities.


We will install Elementor which is a fully-responsive lightweight theme (actually we’ll install a “Child Theme” also to be more precise) giving your site an instant Search Engine Optimization boost immediately. Now give us your great ideas to customize with all the functionality you need.


Integrate Social Media profiles such as LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram right into your website to enable social sharing and maximize your social presence. This also enables the potential for “viral sharing”. Let’s make interacting socially easy to maximize any conversions.


The Meta Description is like your “online real estate” section to target motivated “in the market” segments to click. While it has no bearing on SEO it does give people the warm and fuzzy to want to click or not. Implement a strategy to optimize this content to maximize your results in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). By providing a brief summary of the content on your page users know if you can assist them with their questions.


Find valuable keywords to implement into your overall keyword strategy. Introduce high-level keywords into pages to give them a refresh and generate real traffic volume. Having a website does not automatically mean the public will find it “organically” and you will see enough traffic to actually generate revenue.


The difference between the two protocols is that HTTPS is far more secure with encryption.  Right now if this security feature is non-existent on your current site there is a security issue. One of the first tasks certainly is to be sure we set this up immediately to ensure visitors conducting transactions on your website are safe.


Want to help your SEO? Let’s add another page to your new website to enable site visitors access to all your media including any videos. Make it easy for people to access your awesome content online! The SEO potential benefit is massive as is the benefits of engaging people socially for even more conversions. 


Studies show you can increase conversions if you create and add an effective FAQ Page to maximize results from visitors seeking information. You’ll find you can have deeper interactions with clients and generate more conversions including speeding up the sales cycle.


Add another page consisting of clients’ reviews/testimonials for credibility. One of the first places the public heads to is your website to check out your company. When they get there what will they see? It’s time to showcase all your great online reviews and at the same time tell your story.


Capture valuable leads in your inbox from visitors to your website that are interested in purchasing your products or services now. Maximize conversions by speaking to prospects right at the point they’re ready to buy when they’re done with their research. Make it easy for them to buy from you.


Let’s set up a blog to make it easy and fun to post future content, articles, and updates. Blogging helps your website rank on Search Engines. You can utilize our website development services to begin Blogging and engaging more clients, patients, colleagues, and more.


By implementing a Comprehensive Keyword Strategy on site and offsite we will increase organic Google (and other search engines) rankings. When you include “LSI” keywords and “long-tailed keywords” as well this will total many thousands of keywords that can be targeted for your business.


Do you need help scheduling your day or week? Let’s install and implement the very versatile “Calendly” widget and integrate it right into your work schedule. This enables prospects to book a consultation with your business by accessing your open calendar and the schedule you provide. Numerous other great functions can be added too.


See better results when you add the Click-to-Email Link at the top of the Home Page (or anywhere) to maximize conversions from visitors and make it easy and seamless for them to contact you. Hire us for website development services and experience more conversions implementing the latest technology.


Add the click-to-call feature to maximize conversions and make it easier to phone you. This is especially important for the mobile experience! Visitors prefer to use websites that are easy to navigate and order from and provide answers to queries immediately instead of having to visit multiple sites.


We’ll be addressing any outdated SSL certificates, installing for example WordFence for security among other things. The installation of your updated theme too called Elementor, and other measures will keep the site secure and up to date with the latest technology.


Plugins will be installed to extend the functionality of your website. Tell us what you need to accomplish and with WordPress, we can most likely add that capability. We can add Elementor, Yoast, Pop-out Banner, Facebook Chat, a One-time password for support, no captcha to guard against spam, and so much more!


Using a 3rd party mail service? Let’s add Klaviyo, Mail Chimp, Constant Contact, or a similar 3rd party email service to communicate with prospects and collect emails for future use for sales, events, and promos and even utilize your current list to grow sales and engagement too. Use this functionality to grow huge mailing lists. 


Are you using Yahoo or a less-than-desirable email service? Maybe it’s finally time to set up multiple company email(s) (and email forwarding where appropriate) so all correspondence to the public ensures branding continuity and a common theme and professionalism. Let’s get you away from that clunky email service!


We can find and fix broken links. If you have any broken links or links that take you to somewhere that has no content we can address this. This is important for user experience. Broken links (404 errors) cause people to have a bad UX as a visitor which adversely affects SEO among other things.


Another important reason to utilize Better Business Web as your website design and development company is for monitoring purposes. We can set up your Google Analytics account to monitor all website traffic, trends, and other KPI’s. This will give you all the intel you might ever want about what is happening on your website from moment to moment.


In addition to the Google Analytics information, we can help you gain access to, as part of the website development service we provide, data coming directly from your website hosting company account. We can view traffic details, various metrics, and KPI’s and other very valuable information.


Brand your website (including social profiles appearing off-site as well) in all the important “real estate” areas to increase awareness and branding continuity. This increases your exposure advertising but makes your online presence even more pronounced and inviting and memorable.


Is your content tired and outdated? Time to spruce it up. Let’s update the text/titles and add top-level highly searched Keywords, other data that appear on the site as needed to make the site pop and stand out i.e. (graph, image, chart, icon). We can use these techniques to have content “rank” again on search engines.


Create a visually attractive and colorful website with interesting, rich engaging content, striking images, and include database integration. You know we can tell a better story by adding valuable text, compelling images, icons, widgets, testimonials, charts, etc. Let us help you “join the conversation.”


Implement an onsite SEO strategy addressing outdated content, titles, text, anchor texts, links to articles, and other valuable info. The end result is to increase awareness with Search Engines so they understand what is actually on your website while employing the latest SEO technologies to rank higher in organic searches and provide the best UX.


Off-page SEO or Off-Site SEO refers to all the actions outside your website you undertake to help rank on search engines such as Google. This does not include advertising. The idea is to optimize any element possible offsite but it is a different part of our Website Development Service. This can be a daunting process depending on how much content already exists.


Implement a Backlinks Strategy to begin to build quality backlinks naturally and “referring domains” and “referring pages” will help with your Domain Authority. This is an important aspect of a Website Development Service and SEO. When others want to link to your content it establishes you as an authority.


Utilize Image SEO by adding multiple images to the website throughout pages (and offsite in social profiles too) which can be optimized to ensure higher rankings in Google. The public can perform image searches with keywords and we can make sure you appear ideally. Therefore we can target important keywords that generate interest, site traffic, and conversions.


Set up, launch, and optimize your YouTube Channel or Channels. We’ll optimize images/text, and include Video SEO for videos, thumbnails, profile content, titles, anchor texts, links, etc. is rated #2 for TV Movies and Streaming. This is another integral part of your marketing campaign we will incorporate.


Claim Google Maps Listing (if applicable) This is completely free to get! You can view your Google My Business profile here too. This is an important part of SEO and setting up your website. Because of your listing on Google Maps, you can experience greater visibility, and conversions too. This is a must-have in terms of your overall marketing strategy.


Set Up Google Business Profile Listing (GMB) Profile and list all the business services you offer including hours and other particulars about the business. Then we can begin to post about your company on GMB to kick things off. We can immediately begin to post photos too in a GMB section which will appear in Google image searches.


It is vital to use Photoshop in website development services in a number of different ways when building and launching a website. First, the image files need to be added to Photoshop and then reduced in size. Otherwise, these files are so big they interfere with the fast loading of your website. When it comes to SEO it’s important to apply the right techniques


 Perhaps you’ve heard the expression “Too many cooks spoil the broth” A plan or project fails often because there are too many people working on it at the same time. However, when you have the same person performing all tasks nothing gets missed because one person can keep excellent track of all of the tasks. Launching a website is a roadmap. One person can pull all levers, dot all the i’s, and cross all the “T”‘s and nothing gets missed. When it comes to keeping costs to a minimum this goes a long way to accomplishing that. You don’t pay for overlapping services.


 There are 20+ business days typically each month. At a minimum, you want to invest one hour each day moving the needle. Past content can be edited and refreshed and all the additional NEW content needs to be created as well. This needs to be performed by optimizing both onsite everywhere possible and offsite like on Linkedin, YouTube, Google My Business. if you want to rank for important keywords that would generate the most interest and revenue for your business this is what needs to happen. Contact us if you’re ready to move forward with our Website Development Services.

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You’re ready to get started? Click the button and Contact Us. We can put together a plan that checks all the boxes. One of the things we bring to the table is a friendly voice. Kindness goes a long way! We look forward to discussing the eCommerce website development services we offer.

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