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Our Process- Digital Marketing Campaigns

When you think in terms of the Digital Marketing Campaigns that Better Business Web Florida deploys you see that our process of working with clients can be broken down into several steps. You may or may not know it but Google says there are over (200) two hundred components to SEO.

An example of these components might include anything from optimizing keywords on and off your website, to the actual content, such as the text you choose to use on your website as well as optimizing images. Or something called ” backlinks” and “referring domain pages”. Even when you know what you’re doing it’s an intense process at work!

Responsive Website Design

To begin first we will “build out” a beautiful highly functional Responsive Website. This gives you the immediate advantages of a Responsive Web Design and as a result, will greatly improve the user experience. The other benefit is potential customers would visit more often along with a longer time on your website. This all leads to increased interaction and to better sales and conversions and this is vital for eCommerce businesses

Your awesome new site will be a WordPress Website with an updated theme, fresh content, text, images, etc. Again this fast-loading website would be optimized for mobile phones, tablets, etc. It potentially can be launched between two and three weeks from when we begin typically. If you already have a current website it will still be “live” as we work on the new website so there is no interruption in service or visibility.

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SEO Strategy

The next step is to apply onsite and offsite SEO techniques to get the website and all existing and newly created content in online “properties” (profiles such as Linkedin or YouTube channel) getting them to “rank” on Google and other search engines. This is the long game where we “talk” to Google and other search engines.

The strategy is to make sure search engines know precisely what is appearing on your website and elsewhere. As a result of these actions, you will gain much more online visibility. That will translate into greatly increased conversion percentages. This is why many companies divert their Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC) budget towards Search Engine Optimization because it is the most powerful form of marketing. 

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Keyword Strategy

A significant part and the root of any digital marketing campaign strategy involves employing a keyword strategy. After beta testing over time, you’ll ultimately end up with an ideal set of keywords to produce the conversions you seek. The goal of keyword strategy is to achieve a ranking for each keyword (or keyword long-tailed string) on Google in Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS) that would be valuable to you.

We’re aiming to appear as high as possible for as many search terms as possible. Initially, the strategy is to target low-competition keywords right away. This is done to achieve the quickest results for you. Next, more competitive keywords are targeted as time goes on.

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Low Hanging Fruit

Utilizing this strategy will enable us to potentially have your business show up for keyword search terms that have less “pressure” faster. By going after the “low-hanging fruit” you have your best shot at appearing on Page #1 of Google. Going after the easier opportunities to give you visibility is your best option to keep costs down and give the best bang for the buck!

This is why the strategy is to go after the low-hanging fruit. We can identify these keyword opportunities using a Google tool that tells us which keywords are the least competitive right now and which we can target. Ranking high in organic searches for different keywords could generate huge revenue for your business.

Our Process- Digital Marketing Campaigns Low Hanging Fruit


The main objective is to increase traffic and generate leads coming through the website utilizing various Digital Marketing Campaigns and all online properties such as Linkedin. If your business relies on grinding the telephones to uncover leads, we can use an “inbound marketing” approach instead. Now we will set up sales funnels with the goal of converting many more leads at less (CPL) CostPerLead, or CPL.

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