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Website Update Services

We provide website update services. Do you have an outdated website that needs attention? It’s vital to periodically perform website content updates for numerous reasons. This is one of the most common services we provide. 

Website updates are also important to ensure your website has the latest functionality and everything is working properly. For example, the content on your website becomes stale and outdated and links to other content go bad as well.

Some of the common updates we’ve been performing lately are installing new updated themes, the click-to-call & click-to-email buttons, plug-ins to extend functionality, integrating social sites & much more.

When your business was started and the website was launched it may no longer address your current needs. Every so often change your content to make it more engaging and up-to-date.

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Website Content Updates

Once we decide to work together the first step is to make a “scope of work” list. This list has all the tasks we’ve agreed should be addressed on your website. We’ll start with the Home page first. At this point, we’ll already have agreed upon how much to charge for website updates. Once you approve this list we begin and work tirelessly until it’s complete.

We work very transparently as well. For example, we’ll share numerous screenshots when working with clients. We just want to make sure the product we put out or the service offered is top-rate!

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