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See us for Business Web Services marketing such as website design in Boynton Beach, Florida, and beyond. Welcome to the “About Us” section of our company called Better Business Web. Our new website was launched in December 2021. This was during the height of the Covid 19 Pandemic. Consequently, anyone looking for help with website design in the Boynton Beach Florida area or really anywhere we could help them.
We had the time to perform research and develop our business model, including the specific services we would offer. This was time well spent. Additionally, we created numerous other websites, landing pages, and more all in support of our new venture.  We worked tirelessly!
Welcome to Better Business Web and thank you for finding us and taking the time to learn more about the various Business Web Services Marketing that we offer. Feel free to call me directly.

A Decade in the Making

You see in reality, this company is nearly a decade in the making. Personally speaking, I’ve been in marketing for 35 years. I have also been training myself specifically in Digital Marketing, SEO, Responsive Website Design, PPC, and other online services too. This training and actual experience has gone on now for thousands of hours over the course of years! I’m still in training. For example, right now I’m obtaining my full stack web developer certification and should be finished by summer 2023.

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Startup Business Owners

Anyone with a startup business they created from scratch will understand the enormity of the task of opening a company. Since we’re online and not in a brick-and-mortar location we needed an online presence developed fast. Think branding, creativity, and some amazing tools like Photoshop and a tremendous number of hours of work.

This meant our Social Media presence and a website design and launch were vital. Not only did these websites we were about to launch have to be developed with fresh content, images, contact forms, and numerous other important tasks. But the websites and landing pages themselves needed to be optimized for various keywords too.

Ranking on Google SERPs

This was done so our website, with all of the terrific content and detailed work that had been put into it, was actually found by the public. Specifically, in Google SERPs, these pages needed to rank high on search engines which would generate inbound leads for us, and of course, higher quality prospects would also lead to better conversions.

Inspired and Motivated

We wanted to set up a sales funnel. This would produce organic leads for companies seeking our SEO Services, Responsive Websites, Digital Marketing, Website Management as well as Social Media management and so much more.

What inspired and motivated us was what we saw “in the wild”. We were certain that Better Business Web could perform the services that we offer better than the competition could based on years of experience. After over a year now the reviews we’ve received prove we are a stellar Business Web Service. 

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My mentor George Carlin

Hire Me for Digital Marketing

However, I also knew my ability to communicate with people would help me specifically too. For example, I have the patience to explain to people precisely how my services work. These services sometimes can be very complicated concepts for some folks to grasp so you have to be patient and slow down.
Whether we’re talking about SEO and monthly reporting or corresponding with clients so they understood the digital marketing plan better. I thought about “Why Me?”, and I realized I had a unique situation. When I launched a website I could combine SEO services too and give the customer some terrific advantages. I thought about all my digital advertising and marketing experience and knew that would also help me as would my writing skills.

35 Years Sales and Marketing

So what we’ve done is to take over 35 years of Sales and Marketing and utilize the experience to launch Better Business Web. We would call ourselves a “boutique” Digital Marketing company. As you navigate the pages of this website you can see all the different services we offer. If you have something you need to be done but it’s not listed let me know. There are over 200 components to SEO for example. So you might not see everything listed.

Speaking now specifically to the small business owner reading this. First, thank you for finding my website and taking the time to read my story. I believe in underpromising and over-delivering. You need a company that will actually show up and performs well. You can always count on us.  If you require someone who can actually get the job done timely reach out to us. Call us right now for Business Web Services.

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Random Facts

I love fishing, martial arts, the outdoors, higher education, animals, good movies, comedy and so much more.


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