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Web Design Services for Small Business. Did you need help with website updates? We created Better Business Web to help small businesses. We manage their Web, Search Engine Optimization, Online Marketing Strategy, Pay-per-click, (PPC), Social Media Marketing, and more. Our clients think of us as their own website and online “small business help desk”. We are friendly problem solvers. Call us to discuss different Web Designs or SEO problems now!

"Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising".

For Web Design and SEO in Boynton Beach, Florida & beyond. Are you a startup searching for a web design company for your website launch or online marketing services to increase sales of your products or services? Fortunately, we’re a Website Design & SEO Company small businesses can hire hourly.

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"Steve helped me to create a workable plan that fits with my business budget to resolve my on-sight, off-sight, and technical SEO issues, as well as integrate reviews and social media, so that I can reach prospects and convert them to customers with a polished website that positively influences their travel decisions to come to Adventure Mermaid in Puerto Rico."

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Small Business SEO Package
ONLY $750.00/mo.

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Only $995.
for 5-Page WordPress Website

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 Only $995.

for a 5-Page WordPress Website

*Basic Business Website

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WordPress Advanced SEO

WordPress CMS is also used by an astonishing 43.2% of all websites on the internet. WP also allows you to implement advanced SEO!

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Web Design Services for Small Business

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WordPress Website Development

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  • Elementor Page Builder Template Included
  • Full Customization
  • Responsive Website Design
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Extensive Plugin Library

Only $750.00/mo.

Small Business SEO Package

Get started today! Implement a Search Engine Optimization Strategy for your website right now! Rank Your Website On Top.

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Rank High in Google Organic Searches

Implement An SEO Strategy Rank High in Google Organic Searches

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SEO Checklist for 2023

SEO Checklist for 2023 Small Business SEO Package

a) Crawl B) Conduct Audit C) Prioritize Tasks

*Title Tags
*Meta Descriptions
*Internal Links
*Body Copy
*Images & More

The first step in collaborating after the invoice is paid is to make a scope of work list for the client. This is a detailed list of all the areas both on the backend of the website and the front end, that need to be fixed/edited/updated. Most of these are deficiencies Google has spotted that you’re currently being penalized for we must fix this right away. These are the areas that need attention and focus and where we’ll implement our SEO strategy for 2023.

Google 5-Star Reviews

“Our website has been up for a while with little to no action. After working with Steve for a couple of months, I now know why! He has worked diligently on the back end of the site to provide desperately needed SEO. He is a tireless warrior in the battle to improve our site’s results. Steve is incredibly responsive to any questions I have — and I’ve had many. He is a pleasure to work with on complex and difficult tasks.” Melvin Foster at Your Video Memoir

Better Business Web

Boynton Beach Web Design SEO Company small businesses can hire hourly
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"I trusted my instincts and am very glad I did. Steve did an awesome job."

Better Business Web is a boutique Digital Marketing firm specializing in On-site SEO. Aside from Search Engine Optimization Services we also offer services such as Web Design, Pay-per-click Marketing (PPC), Social Media Marketing, Profile Listings Management, and Google Business Profile management. See us for Web Design Services for Small Business. We love working with startups on your Website Design & SEO!

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Access our Calendly scheduling app to schedule a meeting to discuss your options.  Our amazing clients are people from companies of all sizes and types, and are typically SMBs located in Canada and the United States. We utilize Zoom for convenience to conduct our marketing and strategy meetings with clients. This enables us to provide Digital Marketing services, SEO, and Web Design Services for Small Business or virtually anyone. Can we help? 

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